Hey there....

Thanks for peeking into my online portfolio. Here you'll find a sampling of my newspaper articles, magazine features, and even an award winning short story

My name is Dawn Swann (hence the name of this site) and I'm a Boston-based freelance writer with hundreds of articles under my belt. My "specialties" include profiles and interviews (I meet the coolest people. Some famous, some not, everybody has a story that will beat TV in five card stud every time.) and home and garden features. On an aside, the home of the home and garden writer is the last one to get cleaned. That's a little known fact. Just come over without calling if you want proof.

I also ghost write three medical columns weekly. My kids like the idea that I'm a ghost writer. I'm not sure what they think it means, but I don't discourage the idea that it includes actual ghosts. 

Writers write, but they also read. There's a stack of novels next to my bed at all times and a bookshelf on the other side of the bed for the second string lineup of novels. There's another bookshelf in the living room with books to be read once the bedroom supply is exhausted, and my office is completely walled in by my collection. If I were zoned properly, I do not doubt that I could plaster a "Public Library" sign to my front door and charge late fees for coffee money. 

So that's it! Now you know me. I write, I read, I have kids, a messy house and I like coffee. We're like college pals.

Feel free to poke around and drop me a line on the contact page. For more Dawn Swann (potentially too much more) plug in to any or all of my social media outlets, also found on the contact page

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